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The waves of the seas and the oceans have a distinct rhythm about them. The huge water bodies have been the center of interest and curiosity for humankind since the start of civilization. The seas are unfathomable, and yet, they embrace the sailor with warmth. There is a feeling of oneness in the ocean’s depths, where the salty water and the incredible organisms blend to create a different universe.

Showcasing this peculiar nature’s beauty on the canvas and giving it an artist’s rendition are some amazing works of seascape art for sale, available at Krisai Art. These seascape paintings on canvas are breath-taking where the artist creates a stunning impression on your vision with the blend of hues and best of colors.

What’s incredible about the seascape paintings for sale at

Krisai has done an impeccable job of presenting different scenarios involving the sea waves in the backdrop. The Oceanic Lights create a unique essence with the different blue and green shades of colors embedded deep in the womb of the water body.

It is an artist’s interpretation, yes, holding your hand and taking you through a mesmerizing trip starting from the surface of the ocean, from the beach to the deep inside the natural bodies. This painting called the Glory of Sunshine brings in the lights of the sun – yellow and orange to blend with such flawless perfection with the blues of the sea. Buy seascape painting online for sale at Krisai, we present the best abstract seascape artwork to adorn the beauty of your homes and offices.

Unique features of Krisai’s seascape paintings on canvas

Except to see a riot of colors – even when it is a monotone abstract painting of a seascape.  Take the case of the Northern Lights – it is a celebration of the color blue with most of the shades of the hue used elaborately.

The seascape paintings for sale at have all been hand-painted by Krisai. She is a young artist who is eloquent about her choice of colors, vivid strokes, and confidence in adding depth to her paintings. Each of the seascape paintings on sale has an immersive story to tell – and would have you lost in the realm of the art.

Krisai puts her original signature on each of the paintings when you buy seascape paintings from It is a sign of guarantee and authenticity with a stamp to seal your purchase.

Krisai makes her paintings on canvas that are rollable. It means that shipping is never a constraint with us, and you can order seascape paintings on canvas from across the seven seas. Watch as your space transitions into a place of vividness and tranquility with these impressive seascape paintings!