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Soothe yourself with Krisai Floral Abstract Painting

Something is mesmerizing and wonderful about flowers; they are, after all, one of nature’s most intricate and beautiful creations. To capture the beauty of flowers in floral abstract paintings is a whole other thing: it is a beautiful marriage of art to nature.

Floral paintings for sale may not always be a direct representation of flowers in full bloom. However, they are even better because they are the artist’s direct and personal interpretation of what they see. Take, for example, Krisai’s floral abstract paintings and abstract flower artwork they are each a tribute to the time she spends in nature and the effect the blooms have on her. Explore the abstract flower paintings/ floral paintings for sale by Krisai, and you will know what we are talking about.

What effect do canvas floral paintings have on humans?

Though many studies connect creating art to improved mental health, looking and processing abstract acrylic flower paintings benefit your brain. It has been proven repeatedly that floral paintings have a calming effect on our brains, activate the release of feel-good hormones, and soothe the senses. Studies liken observing a painting to meditation.

Spending time studying a painting is a calming exercise to the mind in itself. When you focus your mind on the intricate and delicate petals of flowers, you lose yourself to the burst of colors, and get lost in the depth of the softness of it, and come out of the trance-like state feeling refreshed and energized gently.

How are abstract acrylic flower paintings connected to feng shui?

Perhaps because of the science behind the healing powers of abstract acrylic flower paintings, many feng shui practitioners recommend having them hung in your home. Though live flowers are top contenders for healing vibes in the home, canvas floral paintings are the best available substitutes to the real ones. Crysanthemum, lotus, peonies, and cherry blossoms are great painting subjects that attract good energy into your home.

What are some acrylic floral paintings for sale at Krisai?

Krisai’s floral paintings are a result of extensive travel around the globe. Her floral paintings have the unique quality of combining landscapes with flowers and blossoms. Her floral paintings induce curiosity about the place that inspired her to create it in the first place. Some of her best floral painting works are:

  • Floral sunrise
  • Love at first sight
  • The celebration
  • The countryside
  • The golden opportunity
  • The golden trees
  • Way to success

The paintings were captured by Krisai on her many journeys and represent her love for the colors that come forth through flowers and the landscapes that house them.

When looking for floral paintings for sale, do give Krisai’s creations a look. We are sure you won’t be disappointed by the artist’s bold renderings of the floral sights that pleased her eyes during her travel.