Krisai is formed by KRI (Krishna) and SAI (Saiyam). KRI is a wonderful artist with multifaceted artistic knowledge and techniques & SAI has been attaining great knowledge about universal and positive energy. Krisai Art is the combination of right colors, concept and creativity (3 C’s). Most of our artwork is based on the Universal facts. Krisai has traveled around the world and have been living a perfect positive life. Hence, Krisai Art has been formed so we can spread out the positivism. We have used lot of different studies to form the positive art that brings a positive impact in one’s life.

We do not prefer creating a sad, crying, struggling, confusing artwork, rather we believe in creating an artwork that is inspiring, has good vibes and brings positivism all around. Many of our customers have experienced the positive impact in their personal lives.  However, we do not claim this to be guaranteed. It is just our strong belief based on many factors. Buying any of the artwork should be your own sole discretion based on your liking alone.