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Soothe yourself with Krisai Floral Abstract Painting

Something is mesmerizing and wonderful about flowers; they are, after all, one of nature’s most intricate and beautiful creations. To capture the beauty of flowers in floral abstract paintings is a whole other thing: it is a beautiful marriage of art to nature.Floral paintings for sale may not always be a direct representation of flowers in full bloom. However, they are even better because they are the artist’s direct and personal interpretation of what they see. Take, for example, Krisai’s floral abstract paintings and abstract flower artwork they are each a tribute to the time she spends in nature and the effect the blooms have on her. Explore the abstract flower paintings/ floral paintings for sale by Krisai, and you will know what we are talking about.

What effect do canvas floral paintings have on humans?

Though many studies connect creating art to improved mental health, looking and processing abstract acrylic flower paintings benefit your brain. It has been proven repeatedly that floral paintings have a calming effect on our brains, activate the release of feel-good hormones, and soothe the senses. Studies liken observing a painting to meditation.Spending time studying a painting is a calming exercise to the mind in itself. When you focus your mind on the intricate and delicate petals of flowers, you lose yourself to the burst of colors, and get lost in the depth of the softness of it, and come out of the trance-like state feeling refreshed and energized gently.

How are abstract acrylic flower paintings connected to feng shui?

Perhaps because of the science behind the healing powers of abstract acrylic flower paintings, many feng shui practitioners recommend having them hung in your home. Though live flowers are top contenders for healing vibes in the home, canvas floral paintings are the best available substitutes to the real ones. Crysanthemum, lotus, peonies, and cherry blossoms are great painting subjects that attract good energy into your home.

What are some acrylic floral paintings for sale at Krisai?

Krisai’s floral paintings are a result of extensive travel around the globe. Her floral paintings have the unique quality of combining landscapes with flowers and blossoms. Her floral paintings induce curiosity about the place that inspired her to create it in the first place. Some of her best floral painting works are:
  • Floral sunrise
  • Love at first sight
  • The celebration
  • The countryside
  • The golden opportunity
  • The golden trees
  • Way to success
The paintings were captured by Krisai on her many journeys and represent her love for the colors that come forth through flowers and the landscapes that house them.When looking for floral paintings for sale, do give Krisai’s creations a look. We are sure you won’t be disappointed by the artist’s bold renderings of the floral sights that pleased her eyes during her travel.

Abstract Sports Painting For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Krisaiart.com - soulful sports wall paintings for your home

The world of sports reveals our true human nature. They say, ‘do not play the game for the sake of winning; play it for the sake of experiencing what human beings are capable of.’ Demanding vigor and strength of the body and the mind, a sportsman deserves all the respect and laurels because they are the ones who have leveraged their limits and fears.Artist Krisai articulately expresses the essence of sports in her sports wall paintings that the realistic paintings will take your breath away. Soulful and impressive, she has rendered each sports artwork with the best colors, backdrop, bringing out the quintessence of sports with thorough perfection.

An elaborate assortment of sports canvas paintings at Krisaiart.com

Krisai’s love for sports is so enchantingly portrayed on the canvas. If you are a sportsperson at heart, a visit to the sports art store is a must. She has created the best of paintings portraying tennis, American Football, cycling, cross country, tennis, horse racing, basketball, kayaking, biking, golfing, skiing, horse riding, and surfing, and more. Her love for horses is also eloquently portrayed as she presents a unique depiction for art lovers.

Krisai’s art is her expression of true involvement with sports.

Only an artist who loves sports can do such an extraordinary work of art. And, Krisai expresses just that! Her hand-painted sports paintings for sale become your prized possession, adorning your living room or bedroom or even the board room with chivalry and pride. You can distinctly feel the ubiquity of sports as an activity that touches every mind and heart that is alive, kicking, and energetic.

Authentic paintings by a great artist at Krisaiart.com

Krisai creates all of these sports wall paintings & sports art for sale. It is her labor of love, for sure! One can feel the excitement of the artist the moment you see the elaborately done paintings. She signs every painting of hers, and there is a stamp of Krisaiart.com on each. The endeavor is to help the art connoisseur bring home an original piece of work. The abstract sports paintings for sale are made on foldable canvas, which implies that shipping or deliveries are not a limitation.Krisai’s named her sports wall paintings so aptly, too - showcasing the joy, fun, winning spirit, being a champion, being a winner, leading from the front, and so on. The artist emphasizes each of these valuable attributes that sports denote with an incomparable fluidity, making her sports canvas paintings so exclusive and different from what you might have seen before. The paintings are all created with superlative-quality of acrylic paints on high-quality canvas. Ample care is taken to keep the amazing paintings protected from sun and dust. Her premium abstract sports paintings for sale are covered with high-gloss varnish for impeccable finesse.

Animal Paintings For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Krisai Art- The Perfect Place to Buy Animal Abstract Painting

Since times immemorial, animals have been an inherent part of various art forms. These art forms include sculptures, prints, and paintings. The use of animals in paintings is largely symbolic. Many animals used in the animal abstract painting are considered a symbol of power, Gods, supernatural, names, etc. When looking forward to buying an abstract animal acrylic painting & animal artwork for sale,  look no further than Krisai Art. It is an excellent platform for art lovers and buyers. These animal abstract paintings are made by expert artists who have highlighted every detail in a mesmerizing way. Explore lovely canvases exhibiting a gorgeous display of mighty animals in their element and buy a few to adorn your walls.

Which are the noteworthy canvases from Krisai?

Krisai Art brings you lovely abstract animal acrylic painting of horses, bulls, lion, etc., that showcases the power, virility, strength, and more. Popular paintings like 7 Running Horses, Horse Racing, Cross Country, Horse Riding, The Beautiful Horse, Rider Galloping the Horse, The Bulls are Coming, The Bull Run, The Horse Jockey, and more.

What elements to look for in Krisai Animal Abstract Paintings?

These are rolled abstract animal paintings on canvas created and hand signed by Krisai, a very accomplished artist. Explore these paintings, check the colors, focus on details, and buy abstract animal paintings on canvas that brings positive vibes to your space. Painting lovers who love investing in animal paintings for sale can find them at Krisai. Animal artwork for sale are the best example of an art form that is loved and appreciated by people who love various art forms. This love is passed down from generation to generation. Cave art discovery clearly shows how this art form passed from one generation to another.

Why Buy Animal Paintings for Sale at Krisai?

When looking to buy animal paintings for sale or animal artwork for sale, Krisai Art proves to be the go-to platform for the best and most impressive paintings. Here are a few reasons why Krisai Art is distinctive and stands apart from other artists.
  • All the animal paintings for sale are hand-painted by the accomplished and versatile artist, Krisai.
  • These are hand-signed by Krisai. Thus, when you buy an animal painting from Krisai Art, it means you are buying completely original paintings.
  • It also comes with a stamp and sign to authenticate its originality.
  • It is available as rolled canvas.
Thus, Krisai Art is the perfect place to buy paintings for painting lovers. Visit the platform and spend some time browsing through vibrantly colored animal artwork canvases created by Krisai. Depending on the space you would like to hang them, choose a suitable color, size, and canvas. Once installed, these canvases are sure to become the center of attraction for every art admirer.


Painting Impact


Paintings have a huge impact on one's life. Color your fortune with our positive artwork.

Figurative Paintings For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Krisai Art- Your One-Stop Platform For Abstract Figurative Paintings in Acrylics

Only an art lover can understand the true significance of a painting and what it is trying to depict. Since times immemorial, artists express their sense of art, emotions, feelings, and more in beautiful abstract figurative paintings in acrylics. As per a famous artist, “a painting is a passage that transcends the world of ordinary.” If you wish to get transported into an unparalleled world of imagination, colors, and creativity, do not hesitate to check out figurative art for sale at Krisai Art.

What to look for in Krisai Art paintings?

Krisai Art brings you a fabulous collection of figurative art paintings that transcends you in a world of imagination. Krisai is a renowned artist who is representing the realistic face of the world on canvases. The riot of colors and figures has helped represent the surrounding environment and humans in its truest sense. This realistic representation is also referred to as the mimesis, but today it is called figurative art painting.

Krisai Art and Its Awe-Inspiring Collection of Figurative Art Paintings

When looking for a suitable painting for your home or office space, visit Krisai Art and check the amazing pieces of art created by the fabulous painter, Krisai. In these art forms, you will find the artist retaining the traits and aspects of the real world as their subject. These aspects are beautifully depicted in the contemporary figurative art for sale at Krisai Art.The lovely paintings like Ace The Tennis, 7 Running Horses, American Football, Aim Your Target, Be the First, and more are amazing styles deployed by the artist. Krisai has also worked with human figures like For the Champions, Dream Girl, Kayaking Sports, and more. Select paintings depending on your interest and inclination. The paintings you select will speak volumes about your personality.The contemporary figurative painting at Krisai Art stands apart and distinct from the work of other modern figurative artists in terms of an eye on details, amazing use of colors, and expressions. Many modern realists these days employ post-impressionism styles that are predated. In Krisai Art, you will find unique styles that make it a valuable piece of art. Visit the Krisai Art platform and browse through the fabulous collection of contemporary figurative paintings. Select a painting that adds character to your space and makes it more wholesome and rich.

Why buy contemporary figurative art painting at Krisai Art?

Once you select contemporary figurative paintings and make a payment, you can sit back and relax as your painting will be delivered to your doorstep. These are not stretched on the frame but are delivered as a rolled canvas. It is painstakingly created by the master artist, Krisai, and each painting comes hand-signed.Visit today and bring your fabulous painting home.


Original handmade Large Canvas paintings

Landscape Paintings For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Take a trip into Krisai’s Abstract Acrylic Landscape Paintings for Sale Online

If you are a painting enthusiast, then you are perhaps familiar with what landscape paintings are. Abstract landscape paintings canvas is artistic creations based mostly on natural subjects and environments like water bodies, valley villages, mountains, cities, or even woods. Landscape paintings are more than often just paintings; they are artists communicating to the rest of the world the effect the landscape had on them. Landscape paintings for sale are created in the open air at the very location or through pictures that convey to the artist what the landscape is like in real life.Krisai Art is an artistic experience inspired by the artist’s travels that they transfer to the canvas. Though the artist has paintings on almost every walk of life, her landscape paintings stand out as each of them is a personal experience that she tries to capture for her aficionados. Krisai landscape paintings are essentially a page out of her travel diaries.

What does the law of nature have to do with Krisai Art?

All of the abstract acrylic landscape painting creations by Krisai are created based on the Science of Architecture founded in the ‘Law of Nature.’ It extends to Krisai’s landscape paintings too. Each of the landscape paintings for sale is a well-crafted and intelligent rendition that captures a rare balance of all five elements. Krisai Art is a perfect collaboration between colors, concepts, and creativity. Krisai’s creations are drawn from nature, and the artist considers it a gift to celebrate nature itself through her landscape paintings.

Where are Krisai nature landscape paintings online for sale?

Some of Krisai’s works like The Northern Lights, The Sunrise, and the Countryside are beautiful renditions of nature. With a surprisingly bold and confident mix of colors, the artist manages to capture her vivid experiences for you through her nature landscape paintings for sale online.

Why are Krisai Art city’s abstract landscape paintings canvas special?

As mentioned already, acrylic landscape paintings by Krisai are inspired by her travels and journeys. Nature landscapes can have a powerful impact on us, but a city landscape can be nothing short of an epiphany for the keen eye. City landscapes are powerful pieces of art that most artists can find overwhelming to convey through art. However, some of Krisai Art’s city landscape paintings like The Colorful Life, The Glorious City, The Blooming Venice, and Across the Street are as powerful as any of her nature landscape renditions. Each of her city landscape paintings for sale online also hit the perfect balance between the five elements of nature that are often difficult to capture through cityscape paintings.Some may want to own an abstract landscape paintings canvas to adorn the walls of their home. Some may want to buy a landscape painting to escape into the painting and enjoy a slice of the artist’s personal life. In either case, krisai Art gives you the most breathtaking landscape paintings for you to own, admire and escape into!


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Modern Abstract Painting For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Acrylic Modern Art Painting by Krisai Art

If you are an art enthusiast, you are perhaps already looking out to buy modern paintings for sale online. Though a piece of modern art on canvas can be pleasing to the eye, very few, understand the actual meaning behind these paintings. However, modern art paintings are increasingly gaining popularity for their versatility, simplistic means of telling complex stories, and vivid colors.An acrylic modern art painting can be the centerpiece of your home, a personal piece of art for your bedroom, or even a proud display for your office. Modern art creations are for everyone, whether they appreciate art or not.

What is modern art?

Modern art is a broad term used to define art pieces created from the 1860s to 1970s and categorizes the styles and philosophies of art. However, art created now consistent with the method is also called Modern Art. Modern Art is called so because it breaks away from traditional styles and rules of the past to create art pieces. Creators of the modern arts use modern techniques, tools, and approaches to create unique art pieces.Modern art is often used to convey themes, stories, and messages that can be deciphered and interpreted in many ways. Though artists may sometimes use modern art to present their ideas more directly, modern art is used broadly to signify the methodology.

Why buy modern art paintings by Krisai Art?

Like every other painting, Krisai Art created modern paintings are unique pieces you will own in your lifetime. Each modern acrylic abstract painting by Krisai is a vibrant recreation of an experience by the artist. Be it sports, nature, philosophy, or landscape; you can buy modern art paintings by Krisai, knowing how they bring life to the space they are displayed on.

What are the best Krisai modern abstract paintings by Krisai?

Some of Krisai’s most popular modern abstract paintings are:
  • The colorful life
  • The Golden opportunity
  • Swirls of Fire
  • Life is Precious
  • The Celebration
  • Love at First Sight
  • And World Outside the Cave

What are the unique aspects of Krisai Abstract Modern Paintings?

The most striking and unique aspect of modern abstract paintings for sale by Krisai is the balanced use of rich and vibrant shades. Through the beautiful paintings, take your breath away, and they do so subtly. Some paintings like The Shower in the Desert have a brooding quality about them that will capture your imagination.Modern acrylic abstract painting and art pieces aren’t rigid like traditional paintings that may need you to move your decor around to suit them. They are more fluid, and you could make your home an artistic destination for friends and extended family with Krisai modern abstract paintings for sale.

Seascape Paintings For Sale - Paintings & Artworks

Krisaiart.com - stunning rendition of abstract seascape painting

The waves of the seas and the oceans have a distinct rhythm about them. The huge water bodies have been the center of interest and curiosity for humankind since the start of civilization. The seas are unfathomable, and yet, they embrace the sailor with warmth. There is a feeling of oneness in the ocean's depths, where the salty water and the incredible organisms blend to create a different universe.Showcasing this peculiar nature's beauty on the canvas and giving it an artist's rendition are some amazing works of seascape art for sale, available at Krisai Art. These seascape paintings on canvas are breath-taking where the artist creates a stunning impression on your vision with the blend of hues and best of colors.

What's incredible about the seascape paintings for sale at Krisaiart.com?

Krisai has done an impeccable job of presenting different scenarios involving the sea waves in the backdrop. The Oceanic Lights create a unique essence with the different blue and green shades of colors embedded deep in the womb of the water body.It is an artist's interpretation, yes, holding your hand and taking you through a mesmerizing trip starting from the surface of the ocean, from the beach to the deep inside the natural bodies. This painting called the Glory of Sunshine brings in the lights of the sun - yellow and orange to blend with such flawless perfection with the blues of the sea. Buy seascape painting online for sale at Krisai, we present the best abstract seascape artwork to adorn the beauty of your homes and offices.

Unique features of Krisai's seascape paintings on canvas

Except to see a riot of colors - even when it is a monotone abstract painting of a seascape.  Take the case of the Northern Lights - it is a celebration of the color blue with most of the shades of the hue used elaborately.The seascape paintings for sale at Krisaiart.com have all been hand-painted by Krisai. She is a young artist who is eloquent about her choice of colors, vivid strokes, and confidence in adding depth to her paintings. Each of the seascape paintings on sale has an immersive story to tell – and would have you lost in the realm of the art.Krisai puts her original signature on each of the paintings when you buy seascape paintings from Krisai.com. It is a sign of guarantee and authenticity with a stamp to seal your purchase.Krisai makes her paintings on canvas that are rollable. It means that shipping is never a constraint with us, and you can order seascape paintings on canvas from across the seven seas. Watch as your space transitions into a place of vividness and tranquility with these impressive seascape paintings!