August 5, 2020 The beauty of beach abstract painting

Are directions Important?

Ever wondered why Sun rises from the East and not the West. Though it is a very simple science as Earth rotates towards the East. Now this may look very simple however, everything in the proximity of the universe revolves around a simple science like this.
Similarly morning sun rays when in East or Southern South-East are good for the living beings as it gives Vitamin D which further prevents cancer and helps in stronger bones. Whereas as the sun gets stronger while moving towards South and South-West it’s UV rays can be harmful for humans and can influence skin cancer and other diseases. So the right amount of everything in the right direction is what matters for an overall prosperity. Likewise krisai only focuses on the right amount of everything in life along with choosing right directions in their artwork.


We do not prefer creating a sad, crying, struggling, confusing artwork, rather we believe in creating an artwork that is inspiring, has good vibes and brings positivism all around. Many of our customers have experienced the positive impact in their personal lives.  However, we do not claim this to be guaranteed. It is just our strong belief based on many factors. Buying any of the artwork should be your own sole discretion based on your liking alone.