Creating (elative &) different kinds of ART has always been an innermost talent of “KRISHNA”.

Krishna was born on August 11th, 1989 in a well-to-do family where FINE ART was considered to be a precious treasure. She was endowed with the remarkable skills and techniques of painting from her parents. Being raised in a philanthropist family, the first question that always raised in Kri’s mind was whatever the task is done- IS IT FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OTHERS?

And for this reason, the art work done by the artist Kri is not merely for the aesthetic purposes but also to bring fortune in others’ lives. She strongly believes that if colors are used rightly with positivism it can bring good fortune in people’s lives.

Kri has been on number of expeditions and traveled different parts of the world to explore the beauty of nature and spent days with locals to imbibe their beautiful traits. She considers herself to be a global citizen who deeply feels and connects with the emotions of others worldwide. She has participated in many projects for the growth and development of the society, and therefore certain percentage of every art work sold by Krisai Art would be donated to destitute and their family members to aid their health and education system.