About the artist Krisai


Krisai is an independent artist based in the USA, Texas. She is passionate about painting and travelling around the world simultaneously. Therefore, most of her artworks are created and shipped while on the go from the current location worldwide.

Krisai Art- A Perfect Platform for Painting Afficiandos

A painting is worth a thousand words. It is considered the best medium to express emotions, ideas, and thoughts. It is the best way to relax, meditate, and is a broader area of creativity. Krisai Art is a perfect platform to buy beautiful & abstract paintings for sale online, hang them on the walls, and admire their irresistible beauty. Here, painting enthusiasts love buying aesthetically impressive pieces of art in the form of incredible wall paintings for sale. Painting lovers can visit us and explore our large canvas range masterfully handpainted by extremely talented artist, Krisai.

What makes paintings at Krisai Art Unique?

The artist has created these lovely artworks keeping the Law of Nature in mind. Check out the original handmade paintings for sale online that are primarily based on the Science of Architecture. Hanging these amazing paintings on the wall brings positive vibes to the area. Lovely strokes, myriad colors, and eye on details make these paintings fo sale online a product to treasure.

How handmade abstract painting/ art helps giving expression to delicate emotions?

The world has always celebrated abstract art paintings, and these paintings find a place in the homes of painting lovers. Since times immemorial, abstract artwork paintings have been a way of expressing emotions. Krisai is a very talented and expert artist who brings colors to life with masterful strokes. Explore the lovely and energetic abstract acrylic painting for sale and bring home a beauty that adds character to your space. Krisai has come up as the best platform to buy handmade paintings online. There are lovely artists' paintings for sale at Krisai that give you an opportunity to bring this incredible art form home to be loved, admired, and treasured.

How Acrylic Portrait Painting on Canvas impacts our lives?

Buying acrylic portrait painting on canvas or handmade paintings, architecture forms, sculptures, and more, visual art of any form leaves an ever-lasting impact on our lives. It brings positivity to life with its riot of colors.

How are Krisai paintings based on the Laws of Nature?

The lovely handmade painting for sale is primarily based on the law of nature. Five elements make out nature. These are Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The canvas painting sale online at Krisai beautifully brings out these natural elements' intermingling in its truest form.

Are the paintings available at Krisai original?

When you look for them at Krisai, you can rest assured of buying original paintings for sale online at this amazing platform. Every element of nature is beautifully expressed in the handmade paintings for sale.

What do these paintings depict?

These elements represent matter state and play a vital role in enmity and affinity as they come in contact with each other. These elements manifest happiness, wisdom, cognition, power, and health in these lovely and beautiful artists' paintings for sale. When looking for positive, happy abstract paintings for sale, visit Krisai and check out some of the most mesmerizing options like animal painting, floral painting, landscape painting, sports painting, seascape painting and more. Krisai brings you creativity at its best with its admirable handmade paintings for sale.